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What is Soul Based Business — and Why Now Is The Perfect Time for You to Run One.

Run Your Business from A Single Intention. Of Passion. Of Drive to Help. Of Wanting to Spread Goodness. Ethically.

The Essential Part of Soul-Based Business

According to Intuitive lifestyles, soul-based business means being aligned in one.

Being aligned in one’s soul means having conscious awareness of what you are expressing and creating in your business, while also anticipating what you are contributing to those your business serves in the process.

This implies thinking further before you decided to create a business. What is the soul of your business? And how will your business impact your clients in a positive way?

Having a soul-based business means getting your personal trauma sorted out. Continuously doing your shadow work and eventually emerge anew as a ready, healed creator fully prepared to be put into its mission.

You, as a business owner, will be fully aware of what you bring to the table. How your business can change your customer’s life for the better, and how your work will impact the world and planet earth positively.

The Reason Why Soul-Based Business Is Needed

A soul-based business is needed now more than ever because of these reasons:

  1. We as a collective consciousness is evolving at a massive rate
  2. We desperately need more storytellers, more healers, more people with the ability to shine a light.
  3. Planet earth will be impacted greatly with the help of soul-based business.
  4. A new way of living will be introduced these times, leading the human race to need guidance. You can, and will step up.
  5. Soul-based businesses have one core orientation: grow together towards the next phase of human evolution.
  6. To partake in this movement means you and millions other ethical business owners bring changes together to the right direction. And now is the best time to do it since we are connected more than ever.

Find Your Business Soul

Some people call it niche. Some call it business intention.

Find your business soul means you ponder about the specific positive impact you will give to the people in your business radar.

Before you start thinking about building a soul-based business, finding your business soul is a wise start.

This is a golden spot that is unique to you, and frankly, everyone has their own version of this. That one ability that is difficult for other people but comes naturally and easy for you.

When finding your business soul, try to combine these things:

  1. The things you are passionate about
  2. The things that comes easily/naturally for you
  3. The things that are needed
  4. The things that you do, that other people appreciate

This is your niche, and it’s really wise to take your time to really decide what your niche is.

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some doodle I made about two years ago. Still relevant now, so it’s great 😀

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you are someone who’s really passionate about personal development. You love to speak. Public speaking seems easy to you. And you love talking to children. You understand that they are our future, and you are able to somehow instill the good part of them.

This could then translate to your perfect niche/business soul:

Giving children courses about how to develop as a strong and useful individual, being their personal mentor and coach. You could teach them something practical, and teach them how to build their life based on the concept of sustainability.

Growing their food, understand the concept of financial independence, not overlook their mental health, recognize their wounds and heal themselves. And many other useful practical things they will need in their journey ahead.

Do you best to dig deeper into yourself and find the area of yourself that you love doing the most.

The one that naturally comes to you.

And most importantly, the one that people appreciate.

When people sees this part of you, they can’t help but willing to pay you certain amount of money. Because you help them figure out something.

And this is the start of everything.

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