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You Need to Decide Your Ideal Clients. Here’s Why and How.

Do you have a goal income?

Say, you want to hit 5–6 figures as a freelance writer or entrepreneur.

This is doable, but you need a powerful strategy.

And one of the most powerful strategies you can come up with is this : Deciding your ideal client.

The Reasons Why

To receive massive success from what you are doing, you have to change other people’s lives for the better.

You need a way to serve other people and help them shift slightly better, or all together.

The mathematic is simple.

If you can make one person’s life slightly easier, you are winning.

Sell a $99 service/product to 100 people, and you will receive $9900.

Now suppose you can’t sell to 100 people.

Tweak your business and charge higher ($990/product/service).

Sell it to 10 people.

Voila — same results. Lesser works.

The key to achieving your income goal? Find your ideal client’s problems, and solve them.

1. Why you need to find out who your ideal client is.

  • To find their painful problems. You need to know exactly who you are helping and find out why they need you the most at this point in their life.
  • To solve their problems. After knowing exactly who they are and their painful problems, your job is to find specific solutions and solving that problem.
  • To form an authentic voice brand. By knowing exactly who you serve and how you can serve them, you are telling the world who you are. You accentuate your business, make it clear for those crossing your path. You prepare yourself to be discovered.
  • To decide how to communicate. After forming your authentic brand voice, you will find the right way to communicate. All your platforms will sound the same. It’s like you are talking to a friend. This will make you seem more approachable and personal. And this is good. We want your clients to think of you that way.
  • To find out their spending habits. By finding out your ideal clients, you are finding out their spending habits. Knowing exactly how they can afford you and make changes to their business.
  • To figure out their decision-making process. You will know how your ideal clients make their decision, and therefore, it’s easier for you to persuade them into using your service.

2. How to find your ideal clients.

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  • Create a customer persona/client profile. This is an activity where you create who your target market is. What is their age, their gender, their likes and dislikes? What do they do from the moment of waking up until bedtime? Have a survey, imagine, and put it into a sheet.
  • Go to forums your customers hang out. Find out what they are complaining about. Reddit and Facebook group is a gold mine when it comes to surveying your target clients. Find out what they are complaining about and pay attention to the language they use. Use that language to polish your brand.
  • Find ways to solve what they complain about. After hearing their complaints, find effective ways to solve them. Make sure this bit is congruent with your brand, how you serve and how you are serving.
  • Offer it directly to them. The next part is daunting but necessary. You need to offer those solutions you formed before to your targetted clients. Do some cold mail. Cold call. Contact them through Linkedin. Do what you can and see the results.
  • Experiment. Offer free trials or discounted services. Experimentation helps us better understand our results. If you are not seeing results, keep experimenting until you do. Innovate, innovate, innovate. Be consistent but keep innovating. See how those clients rolling in with big fat checks every month! 🙂

3. To keep them loyal and keep coming back to you.

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  • Be authentic — Be honest and authentic in your approach. Let the clients know you are a capable person, yet still a human. DO NOT be robotic and all ‘business-y’. Understand that your clients are human too.
  • Be helpful and actually solve their problems — The previous promise you have? Actually do that. Be helpful and proactive. Dig deeper and find your client’s unique side. Solve their problems according to your expertise.
  • Actually deliver — This goes without saying. You need to deliver what you promised. Deliver on time, and deliver great quality.
  • Be reachable and responsible
  • Aim to make an impact in your client’s life

Yayy, you make it!

Thank you for reading this far, you are awesome! 🙂

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Until then, see you later!

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