Hey, I’m Shella!

When we first get in contact, I will listen to you explaining your biz baby.

This is where you can spill all the juicy parts of your business. Explain to me your vision, who you are, what you want to happen, and the projection of your business.


I will research all about you, your brand, and your competitors. 

After that, I will draw some conclusions about who you are and what makes you & your  business special. What makes you stand out, and what is your unique selling point. 


My job is to write compelling copy for your website, landing page, blog, and even social media. 

Whatever marketing tools you need, I will help you write them.

Not sure about what you really need? Contact me here and let’s discuss things further!

Why I’m perfect for you :

  • I LOVE WRITING! Been writing since I was physically able to, and ADORED it since. 
  • Been a digital marketer for 4 years now, so my experience with the world of digital marketing is sufficient. 

I know talk is cheap, so I’ll let you see for yourself in my portfolio page. 

  • When you’re in contact with me, you are dealing with a professional writer and marketer who knows what you want to implement in your business. 
  • As a person OBSESSED with personal development, spirituality and personal empowerment, I KNOW and WILL USE the kind of words that touch people’s hearts and emotion. 
  • We’re gonna use various techniques that can simply deepen your connection with your audience, make you seem more vulnerable & authentic to them.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact me here and let’s talk more about how we can make your business successful! 


See you soon,